Hotel 3232 – Located in the Center of New York City Summer Streets 2015

Hotel 3232 - Located in the Center of New York City Summer Streets 2015Hotel 3232 - Located in the Center of New York City Summer Streets 2015
Hotel 3232 - Located in the Center of New York City Summer Streets 2015

Hotel 3232 – Located in the Center of New York City Summer Streets 2015

NEW YORK, NY – Flatiron-Murray Hill’s gem, Hotel 3232, takes pride in being part of Manhattan’s most cosmopolitan, original, and vibrant events, including NYC’s Summer Streets. Starting from Park Avenue, only five minutes away from the hotel, the annual celebration brings people to play, run, skate, walk, and bike on seven miles of the city’s streets on three consecutive Saturdays during the summer, namely August 1, 8, and 15. On those selected days, New York’s most valuable public space is open to healthy recreation and to encourage residents to embrace more sustainable forms of transportation.

As part of Summer Streets 2015, five rest stops have been assigned: Foley Square, SoHo, Astor Place, Midtown, and Uptown. Each stop will offer participants a range of activities between 7am and 1pm. At the Foley Square Rest Stop, Summer Streets visitors can enjoy the 270-foot water slide at Vita Coco Beach or simply relax on a lounge chair while sipping Vita Coco Coconut Water. At the SoHo Rest Stop, 30-minute fitness classes will be provided by Crunch Gym. Each of the classes from 7am to 12:30pm focus on different fitness goals; for example, the 8-8:30 am class shapes and elongates major muscle groups, while the 11:30 to 12pm session is a traditional aerobics class. If this is not enough of a workout, Hotel 3232 guests can take advantage of a free membership with Crunch Gym for the duration of their stay and participate in a plethora of expert fitness classes offered at the gym’s Park Avenue location.

Pet lovers will get a special kick out of the Astor Place Rest Stop, where the American Kennel Club Dog Park extends an invitation to dog owners, promising their pets a great time as they roll on the grassy knoll, splash in small pools, or simply flaunt their fitness at the park’s agility course. Organic food lovers can stop by the Whole Foods Market Summer Camp at Midtown Rest Stop and get their hands and mouths filled with yummy free samples from Whole Foods, Nature’s Path, and other whole food vendors. Finally, for educational activities, stage performances and parkour fitness demonstrations, Hotel 3232 recommends that guests head to Uptown Rest Stop.

One of the best places to start and end Summer Streets’ festivities, Hotel 3232 is a luxury boutique hotel that offers great value to sophisticated travelers. The two 17-story towers that make up the hotel feature spacious accommodations and elegantly furnished rooms. The prime hotel distinguishes itself from competitors though its stellar guest service and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to free breakfast courtesy of beloved neighborhood’s joint, Captain’s Café, it offers guests access to the facilities of the nearby Crunch Gym and live music lovers’ mecca The Cutting Room. Moreover, the hotel’s staff and concierge team are available round the clock to ensure guests’ comfort and to provide them with tickets and reservations to nearby attractions and events, including Broadway shows, restaurants, and concerts. For more information or to book a room, visit